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Moments of Pretty

March 3, 2013


Things I’m thankful for this week are pretty simple – a day of driving through the perfect snowfall with good company and good conversation, and a favorite family tradition of weekend pancake breakfasts and cuddling on the couch for Top Gear marathons.  These were the prettiest moments of my week – plain, but lovely none the less.  In this winter season, the time of year where my wanderlust hits with a vengeance, it’s taken a bit of effort to refocus – but when I do, I remember that there are a lot of beautiful things about simply being at home with the one you love.

Here’s wishing you some simplicity this week!


Everyday Adventure // The Penrose Room

February 27, 2013


I had been dreaming of a dinner date at the Penrose Room for quite some time – and husband surprised me for Valentine’s Day.  I’m not one to go crazy over Valentine’s – I’m more in the “shouldn’t love be special every day?” camp – but I am a huge fan of surprises so hey, I’ll take it.  He really overdid himself with this one, too.


The restaurant is one of several at the Broadmoor Hotel, on the south side of Colorado Springs – a city icon since 1918 – which is such a pretty area to just walk around.  There’s a gorgeous lake behind the hotel where we took some of our engagement photos.  The Broadmoor is as fancy as you’ll get in Colorado Springs, although there isn’t a ton of competition, and I do enjoy getting dressed up for a night out now and then.  Husband even wore a suit coat, which was a Valentine’s miracle in itself!


You definitely get your money’s worth in service and quality here – we had three courses (app, main & dessert) but each one had a little mini-course before and after it and we were given homemade passion fruit marshmallows in a take-home bag for the road.  So that’s a total of 8 different things!  Lobster, lamb, there was a little bit of everything and it was all delicious – and filled both of us up, which to be honest was the one thing I was worried about since fancy places are notorious for small servings.  These were small, as expected, but fortunately there was more than enough to go around.  My favorite was the mini-course before the dessert – a raspberry soup topped with panna cotta and diced apple.  Yum.


Not your everyday meal, but that’s ok.  I think life is best when there’s a healthy mix of ordinary and extraordinary.  So that you stay sensitive to the extraordinary, and so you always appreciate the ordinary.  I’ll take a date at Chick-fil-a any day of the week, but this was a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of special and it was totally perfect.  So this week’s Everyday Adventure Merit Badge?  Go big every once in a while, it’s good for you.


Moments of Pretty

February 24, 2013


This week, as you know, I participated with Kate on her creative cleanse and it was just what I needed.  I had such a good time getting away from my usual routine and just making pretty things.

1. A friend and I saw the opera Romeo & Juliet in French at the Denver Performing Arts Center.  Hooray for high heels and wine.

2. One of the more colorful parts of winter – fresh tasty grapefruit.

3. I finished a project that I have been putting off since Thanksgiving, phew!

4. Another creative endeavor this week, some sketching that turned into a digital illustration.

5 & 6. My new camera arrived and I got to test it out at Pulse ladies’ night – isn’t it beautiful?

Things should be back to normal this week around here, except I’m going to be taking what I’ve learned this past week and build more creative time into my schedule.  I’ve definitely learned that my calendar needs to reflect my priorities and that creative time, no matter how trivial it may seem, is quite important for my well-being!

Are there things that are important to you that don’t get much priority on your schedule?  Here’s to challenging ourselves with a little change!

Creative Cleanse // 01

February 20, 2013

RMNP_Stamp SketchI mentioned on Sunday that I’d be taking part in a creative cleanse this week – no blog reading, no curating or endless consuming, but rather refocusing that time on creating.  That accidentally became an internet cleanse too – as I realized that spending time staring at a computer screen (which I do all day for work) was sapping my energy and my creativity.  I think it’s super important to unplug every now and then, and I have been really enjoying it, so most of my online presence has been fairly silent over the last few days.

To be perfectly honest, today was the first day this week that I actually created anything.  It’s funny how it can take a while to get back into your groove after you’ve gotten out of the habit.  All those ideas you’ve had floating around in your head?  Suddenly, gone.  So today I sat down with my sketchbook and my tablet, and made this little illustration of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It took a lot longer than it looks like, and it’s not entirely perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it because I sat down and made something.

For today, that’s enough.

Moments of Pretty

February 17, 2013


This has been a huge week for me, between picking the name for my business, my first guest post, and buying a new camera (can’t wait for it to come next week!).  Not to mention, I also listened to the Business with Heart webinars (free! awesome!) and had my priorities totally adjusted and realized that I was placing value in a lot of the wrong places.  I’m absolutely going to have to be rearranging some things in my life moving forward.

1. For Valentine’s Day, I made the husband’s favorite dinner – Paella – and he devoured the whole pan in one sitting.

2. The mountains have been calling me lately, and I’m pretty sure I need to escape into them for a while.

3. I celebrated Nutella Day with a hazelnut hot chocolate.

4. Lately, my late night snack of choice has been carrot sticks.  Can’t complain about that one!

5. Seriously, these sunsets are prettier and prettier all the time.

6. I was super inspired by Kate‘s Creative Cleanse (see below) and this is an image from her post.

I’m going to be participating with Kate on her creative cleanse this week – I think it’s just what I need to push me back in the right direction.  If you’re interested in joining us and the other awesome people participating, follow along and use the hashtag #creativecleanse on Instagram and Twitter.  Have a happy & creative week, guys.

Big News // 01

February 15, 2013

blog moodboard copy

So, in last week’s post on uncertainty, I hinted at some big decisions that I’m making (actually, I’ve been dropping LOTS of hints lately – so thanks for being patient and putting up with my secrecy!) and after writing my Fear Confession this past week, I decided that it was time to make some decisions and move forward – THIS WEEK.

So, you’re wondering at the big announcement?  I’m launching my very own business.  And I’ve picked a name, at last!

Evergreen Lane Productions is the name of my new endeavor, and I’ll be working with creative adventurers and entrepreneurs to make beautifully curated videography.   The domain name has been purchased, a logo and website are in the works, I bought my first business camera & equipment yesterday and this morning I registered my trade name here in Colorado!  That’s a lot of decisions, and I’m pretty proud of myself.  The above is a mood board I made to inspire the work I’ll be doing while building my business website and thinking about branding over the coming weeks.  If you could mood-board my heart, this would be pretty darn close.

By no means is this platform going to become a video business blog (although it’s my plan that there will be more video content working its way in), so I’ll still be talking about traveling, living creatively, Colorado and all the other great stuff you’re used to seeing around here.

Thanks so much for all the support that you, my awesome readers, have shown me – and given me the courage to follow something that I’m passionately excited about!

Beautiful World // Evergreen Lane

February 12, 2013


I only lived in two houses through my childhood, and one was on a street called Evergreen.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that house lately.


These are older photos, but it’s pretty much still the same in my head.  This is where I first picked up a camera, and many of my early photography projects were taken in this backyard.  It hosted loads of childhood imaginations and daydreams.  Visits still make me feel like a little kid again.


It was where my friends and I made our first movies, hiding out in the woods with our costumes and cameras, and started me on a path towards studying film and working in television.  Funny how life meanders.


This has been one of those weeks where everything seems tremendously overwhelming, but it’s nice to have those places in your mind that you can go back to and remember that life can be full of a lot more adventure and a lot less stress.

What was your favorite thing about the street where you grew up?

Psst! Today I’m over on Krystle’s awesome blog, Paper Fort Studio, sharing a Fear Confession.  My first guest post, check it out!