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A Note to My Subscribers

March 28, 2013

Hi everyone!

If you’ve clicked on any old links in the past 10 hours you might have noticed the change already – but I’ve moved my blog (finally) to an awesome new design at an awesome new URL:

I’ve set the old links to forward to the new site, so you should still be able to find me.  HOWEVER, subscribers (though your subscription will be moved over to the new site automatically) will only be able to see new posts from this blog in your wp .com reader and you will NOT get email notifications of new posts from here on out.  If that’s how you like to read this blog, then no worries, you are totally good to go!

If you are a subscriber and you want email notifications as well as (or instead of) reading new posts in the Reader, you will have to re-enter your email in the box on the right side of the new blog.  Sorry about that inconvenience, but I know that moving platforms, though a hassle now, will offer a lot of awesome new opportunities in the future!

Thanks for understanding – I have appreciated all of you so much, as this wordpress community gave me to confidence to keep going at it with this blog in the first place!

See you on the new site!


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