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A Note to My Subscribers

March 28, 2013

Hi everyone!

If you’ve clicked on any old links in the past 10 hours you might have noticed the change already – but I’ve moved my blog (finally) to an awesome new design at an awesome new URL:

I’ve set the old links to forward to the new site, so you should still be able to find me.  HOWEVER, subscribers (though your subscription will be moved over to the new site automatically) will only be able to see new posts from this blog in your wp .com reader and you will NOT get email notifications of new posts from here on out.  If that’s how you like to read this blog, then no worries, you are totally good to go!

If you are a subscriber and you want email notifications as well as (or instead of) reading new posts in the Reader, you will have to re-enter your email in the box on the right side of the new blog.  Sorry about that inconvenience, but I know that moving platforms, though a hassle now, will offer a lot of awesome new opportunities in the future!

Thanks for understanding – I have appreciated all of you so much, as this wordpress community gave me to confidence to keep going at it with this blog in the first place!

See you on the new site!


Everyday Adventure // Trails at Garden of the Gods

March 25, 2013


I got a chance, back when the weather was much nicer (now we’re buried in snowiness again), to take a walk with my husband and the new camera at one of our favorite places to hike.



There’s a good reason why Garden of the Gods is one of the most iconic sights in Colorado Springs, and I love that it is so close to town.  Nothing like feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere, a few miles from your apartment!  I love that there are miles of trails in the park so you don’t have to keep walking in circles if you’d like to hike for a few hours, like we did.


I feel like this new camera is a huge learning curve sometimes! But it is great to be challenged again, and have to think about things a little bit more than I did with my old point-and-shoot.  It’s like I’m starting all over, back at the beginning, especially when it comes to capturing color!  We couldn’t have picked a better day, though, to get out and practice.  Bright but overcast was a great combination – and we were out long enough to watch the colors change from early morning pinks & purples to midday brights.


We also borrowed our friend’s awesome dog, who accompanied us quite happily on our hike.  It was a lot of fun to borrow a dog, since husband & I both want one, but the time isn’t right just yet!  This way, we got our canine companion fix and helped our friend out by taking him on a very long (and tiring) exercise adventure.

This little morning of playing hooky and getting outside was a beautiful tease into summertime that I’m bummed was so short-lived.  C’mon, summer!


P.S I’m sad about Google reader closing down too – but hey, you could always Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

Moments of Pretty

March 24, 2013


Whew!  This week has been tremendously busy and has ended up with me wrapped up on the couch with a pile of tissues and green tea.  I am trying to recover as quickly as possible because this week is going to be a BIG one – my new site is launching, as well as a blog design.  Not to mention some cool collaboration with Erin of artsocial and a little weekend trip to Texas with my sister.

1. Last weekend I got some quality time with some lovely acoustics and a beautiful friend.

2. Catching up on my vitamins with a snack outside at work.

3. Refusing to wear a coat in the springtime worked out well earlier this week, but today it is snowing like mad and I think I’ll have to give it up.

4. A calming drive with the setting sun & the mountains is always good for the soul.

5. Making the most boring of soups for sick bellies.

More relaxing on the slate for me today! Wishing the same for you.

Be Happy // Right Now

March 21, 2013


Lately, I’ve been trying to focus more on single-tasking.  This is a huge challenge for me, as I find comfort in a certain amount of busyness and security in claiming a high level of “productivity.”  On top of that, I’m working actively to make sure my priorities are reflected on my calendar and in the way I spend my time.  More and more, I’m learning that giving my full attention to something is a form of respect, and multitasking hinders me from giving my best to any one thing.

The interesting thing that I’ve found about this transition, is that because my “busyness” and “productivity” are way down (although I’m learning that productive should really be measured in quality, not quantity), I am struggling with a bizarre guilt.  If I decide to sit down and write, my brain says I should be working out.  If I decide to go work out, my brain says I should be spending time with my husband.  If I decide to take a night off and just hang out with my husband, my brain says I should be blogging.  And all of that makes one feels very tired of making the “wrong” choice.

What I’m learning is that I had built up a lot of unhealthy expectations of myself and imposed many demands on my time that were more dictated by what I “thought” I should be doing as opposed to being true to my own desires for what I want my life to look like and reflect.  Creative time, working out, quality time with my husband – these are all things that are dear to my heart and important.  But I don’t need to be doing them all, ALL of the time.  And if how I’m spending my time lines up with my heart and my priorities, I can be happy about that decision – even if I’m “sacrificing” the time I could be spending doing something else, or many something elses.  I can be happy about decisions that line up with my intentions, and the fact that I’m not doing everything is actually a good and healthy thing!  Whatever that one thing is that I’m doing, this is my right choice, for right now!

So, one thing at a time, please.  And if it makes you happy, be happy about it!


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Moments of Pretty

March 17, 2013


Things that make me extremely happy:

1. Daylight Savings and the fact that these beautiful sunsets come later and later in the day.

2. Going sock-less and coat-less this week, hooray for the seventies!

3. Late night board games with my hubby (even if the cat does knock the entire board off the table half way through and we have to recreate it from an instagram photo)

4. Morning moments of quiet, sitting in sun spots.

5. This fortune – which is pretty much my life motto.

Hope you have a week full of moments that make you extremely happy. And if you’re Irish like me – Sláinte!


Daydreamer // 08

March 8, 2013


{ images sit / sip / style }

I am getting to that point during the winter that I’m tired of wearing layer upon layer of sweaters.  I think perhaps a walk in the sun in the south of France, with no coat of course, and a lavender cocktail at an outdoor cafe would do me quite well.  Ok, spring, I’m ready for you!

Beautiful World // Kiholo Bay

March 5, 2013


I don’t know what it is about this time of year – the days are slowly but surely getting longer, I’ve worn every sweater in my closet about 700 times since September, and you think it’s sure to be spring soon but it just. keeps. snowing.  This is the time of year that gets me in trouble, because I can’t help dreaming of warmer climates and beach days.


Of course, in typical why-do-I-torture-myself fashion, I was looking through photos from our honeymoon in Hawaii (almost two years ago – HOW?!).  I remember how Cory read our guidebook literally cover to cover so we were sure not to miss anything awesome.  And I remember how I hoped we’d see at least one sea turtle while we were there.


Well, we saw one here in Kiholo Bay, on our second day of the trip, and then quickly the count rose to 17.  SEVENTEEN, people.  If you want to see a sea turtle, might I suggest that this is the place.  Not to mention how incredible the blue water looks against the black lava shores, and how a cold water spring meets the ocean and you can see layers of fresh and salt water (cold & fresh on top, warm & salty underneath) – that was super amazing.  I also made myself look quite ridiculous climbing over those lava rocks in my flippers, trying to get into the water.  In fact, I think had a whole group of locals in hysterics over the whole ordeal.


On our hike into the bay from our cars, there was also this awesome collapsed lava tube turned swimming hole that was a big hit.  Watch the slippery steps up the mossy ladder!

Some of my absolute favorite travel memories are on that trip.

Alright, now I’m ready to go back and sit in the sun for a while.  Although I think I’ll have to settle for a few days in Texas at the end of the month – no beach but plenty of sun, I’m sure!

What are some of your favorite travel memories?  I’d love to hear about the places you go back to in your head when it’s cold and grey outside.